Good Morning,

As part of our Christmas celebrations within the school, each year group is rehearsing a song which will be performed in a filmed version of our receptions Nativity this year.

We would love if you can rehearse this at home! Below are the lyrics and accompanying music.

Many Thanks

Year 5

Riding out across the desert

1 Riding out across the desert,
travelling over sandy plains,
comes a company of wise men,
moving steadily along their way;
leaving all their friends behind them,
guided by the star so bright,
now they’ve got to keep on going
must not let the star get out of sight.

   Riding through the desert, gently the wise men go,
onwards to the king who was promised long ago;
but they don’t know where they’re going to find him
there’s many towns to search
so they’ll keep on following the star,
for it will lead them to his place of birth.

2 Wise men on their desert journey,
travelled many miles so far
though they’re getting tired and weary,
town of Bethlehem is not too far:
how they long to worship Jesus
and honour him with royal gifts
hearts are full of joy and wonder
as they’re searching for the newborn king.

Riding through the desert…

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