Reception Seesaw Remote Learning Sessions

Reception (W/C 11th January 2021 until further notice)

In addition to this, we may sometimes set simple 5 minute challenges to ensure children continue to practise important key skills that are a part of our daily routine in class. such as: name writing, reading tricky and high frequency words or letter recognition.

Play of course still remains a huge part of a young child’s learning.  Drawing, playdough, board games, crafting, creating imaginary worlds with small world toys, baking, colouring in, building models, helping with meal prep, reading bedtime stories are just some activities we know all our children love to do and should also spend time doing.

We realise that many parents will be working from home and have to juggle their own work commitments with home schooling. Please just do what you can.  You do not have to complete everything.  However, we do suggest that if possible, your child carries out their work during the day rather than an evening when they will be tired.

Many thanks for your continued support.

The Reception Team