Good morning all. Welcome to Week 4!

We have lots of amazing lessons planned for you this week so let’s have a look.

In English we have the planning and writing of your climax for The Robin story as well as a bit of editing at the end of the week. In Maths,  we are starting a new unit of measurement looking at length to begin with. There are also some MyMaths activities we would like you to complete this week. For reading, we have some activities based on the next 10 pages of Cloud Tea Monkeys as read by Mr Armstrong. For your spellings this week, we would like you to use Spelling frame initially as the Purple Mash won’t be available until Thursday. This is because we are busy trying to setup something brand new for your spellings. Your Grammar work this week, is based around paragraphs which will help you to structure your writing in the future. Finally for your other learning tasks we have a couple of videos for Re and Geography as well as Mr Jackson’s PE Challenges from the school website and in French there is a poem for you to learn.

Phew! What a busy week!

Please keep submitting your work either by emailing us directly or using the drop box feature on the year group page.

We look forward to hearing from you

Your Year 4 Team