Twinkle, twinkle, little star. Why are there stars in the sky at night? Does everyone go to bed at the same time? It’s time to find out more about night time.

This half term, we will come to school dressed in our pyjamas and share bedtime story.  We will also find out more about how good bedtime routines can have a positive impact on our health…ready, steady, brush your teeth! Snuggling up with comfy cushions and blankets, we’ll listen to bedtime stories and nursery rhymes and make our very own sleep sock toy to take home with us. Zzz…

Wide-awake once more, we’ll learn about people and services that work at night.  We will be finding out about the patterns of the stars, and asking questions about the universe, such as, ‘Why is it dark at night?’ and ‘What does the moon look like?’

In our mathematics lessons, we will play with the shape and size of star patterns, and create moons of different sizes out of sparkly play dough. Getting creative, we will make constellations out of battery-operated tea lights and make junk model rockets.

At the end of the project, we will make star and moon mobiles and share our knowledge about bedtime routines and sing lullabies we have learnt.