Bereavement Support

Unfortunately, over the next few weeks and months, our children may encounter a bereavement of a close friend or family member.

Please see the links below to websites, which can help you and your child deal with their loss.

Grief is a very personal experience, and every child and young person will experience it differently, give them space to deal with their feelings in their own way.

It is important to remember to take care of ourselves when supporting bereaved children and young people and seek support from our own networks as necessary.

External Support Agencies

AgencyContact Details
Child/Adolescent well being
Child/Adolescent well being
Advice when supporting someone with autism cope with a
Supports families and professionals when a child is bereaved or facing
Free national telephone helpline for children and young
All aspects of
Helps bereaved children & young people rebuild their
Specifically for young people aged 12-18. – Confidential emotional support for children, young people &
Provides resources & support for those dealing with suicide, depression or distress – particularly teenagers & young
Grief support service for children and young
Providing support for parents & families whose baby is stillborn or dies soon after
Discussing the issues teenagers
Support for families bereaved by
Those who are left behind after a suicide can be helped by talking to others who have experienced a similar
Help for grieving children and their

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