Online Safety

As part of the curriculum in ICT, and as an element of all curriculum subjects, the children will begin to use the Internet. To ensure appropriate use of our Internet and IT facilities, and to minimise any incidence of email abuse or children compromising their personal safety, we issue an Internet and Email Agreement which is required to be signed by both parent and child as the children enter the school.

We endeavour to ensure eSafety of our children at all times, and encourage parents to actively monitor their child’s Internet use at home.

Social Media Sites such as Facebook and the use of Messaging, can provide children with exciting opportunities to use new technologies however; they can also expose the children to inappropriate attention and eAbuse or eBullying.


We positively discourage any unsupervised use of these sites at home.


As children are now regularly accessing online content from an early age, it is extremely important that we teach them how to be ‘e-safe’.  Our children are exposed to technology and the internet on a daily basis, both at home and at school, so it is vital that we work together to give them clear and concise guidance.

To help achieve this aim, we have funded resources from National Online Safety for both staff and parents. Once you have submitted your email address, and followed the emailed link, you will be able to access an informative course and 50+ parent guides for apps. Each guide explains what the app is about, outlines any potential safety risks for children, as well as financial risks to you and how to change hidden settings to keep our children safe.

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