Friday 17th July

Hello Reception! We loved seeing you all yesterday – we have missed you all! You have grown so much and looked ready for Year One. We hope you have a lovely Summer and we will see you in the Autumn Term. Thank you for your kind words, cards and gifts. Love from all...

Friday 17th July

Friday 17th July Well, the time has come to say our final goodbyes. We wish you all the very best of luck as you start your next chapter. Show your secondary schools how amazing you can be. Have a wonderful 6 week holiday: stay safe and happy. The Year 6 Team....

Friday 17th July

Summer Reading Challenge 2020 Every summer ‘The Reading Agency’ launch the Summer Reading Scheme. The theme this year is ‘Silly Squad’ bringing a sense of togetherness through reading. There are lots of free resources for schools to use, we’ve attached the Schools...

Friday 17th July

Good morning Year 3! Here we are, the final week of term! As always, the Year 3 team were amazed by all of your efforts with your home learning tasks last week, so give yourselves a huge pat on the back. This week, we would like you to write a letter to your new, Year...

Friday 17th July

Friday 17th July 2020 Hello Y2, It was lovely to see so many of you yesterday and all of your gorgeous smiling faces. A huge thank you for all of your kind words, cards and gifts. We are now at the end of the school year. You have been fantastic Y2s and we have really...

Friday 17th July

Happy last day! Today marks the last day of Year 1 and we are just so proud of each and every one of you! We know that this year has not been as any of us wanted or expected but you have all coped so well with everything that has come your way. We were so pleased with...

Friday 17th July

Hi, Year 5, It was absolutely brilliant to see so many of you this afternoon! We can’t tell you how much we have missed you all these long weeks since March. We hope you all enjoyed being together again, even though it was for only a short time on the playground. We...

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Monday 13th July

Hi Year 5! It’s the last week of the school year. How did that happen? And what a year it has been! A year ago, when you were spending transition time with us, no one could have dreamed that 2019/2020 would turn out in the way it has. It has been a very strange...

Thursday 25th June

Happy 25th June everyone! Did you know that on the 25th June 1984 a musician called Prince released his album Purple Rain and that on the 25th June 1991 tennis player Martina Navratilova won the 100th singles match at Wimbledon by 4-6, 6-2, 6-4? This week we would...


Guidance on Illness in School

Infection or complaintRecommended period to be kept away from school, nursery or childmindersComments
Athlete’s footNoneAthlete’s foot is not a serious condition. Treatment is recommended
ChickenpoxUntil all vesicles have crusted overSee: Vulnerable Children and Female Staff –Pregnancy
Cold sores, (Herpes simplex)NoneAvoid kissing and contact with the sores. Cold sores are generally mild and self-limiting
German measles(rubella)*Four days from onset of rash (as per “GreenBook”)Preventable by immunisation (MMR x2 doses). See: Female Staff – Pregnancy
Hand, foot and mouthNoneContact your local HPT if a large number of children are affected. Exclusion may be considered in some circumstances
ImpetigoUntil lesions are crusted and healed, or 48 hours after starting antibiotictreatmentAntibiotic treatment speeds healing and reduces the infectious period
Measles*Four days from onset of rashPreventable by vaccination (MMR x2). See: Vulnerable Children and Female Staff –Pregnancy
Molluscum contagiosumNoneA self-limiting condition
RingwormExclusion not usually requiredTreatment is required
Roseola (infantum)NoneNone
ScabiesChild can return after first treatmentHousehold and close contacts require treatment
Scarlet fever*Child can return 24 hours after starting appropriate antibiotictreatmentAntibiotic treatment is recommended for the affected child
Slapped cheek/fifth disease. ParvovirusB19None (once rash has developed)See: Vulnerable Children and Female Staff –Pregnancy
ShinglesExclude only if rash is weeping and cannot be coveredCan cause chickenpox in those who are not immune, ie have not had chickenpox. It is spread by very close contact and touch. If further information is required, contact your local PHE centre. See: Vulnerable Childrenand Female Staff – Pregnancy
Warts and verrucaeNoneVerrucae should be covered in swimming pools, gymnasiums and changing rooms
Infection or complaintRecommended period to be kept away from school, nursery orchildmindersComments
Diarrhoea and/or vomiting48 hours from last episode of diarrhoea orvomiting
E. coli O157 VTEC Typhoid* [and paratyphoid*] (enteric fever) Shigella(dysentery)Should be excluded for48 hours from the last episode of diarrhoea. Further exclusion may be required for some children until they are no longer excretingFurther exclusion is required for children aged five years or younger and those who have difficulty in adhering to hygiene practices. Children in these categories should be excluded until there is evidence of microbiological clearance. This guidance may also apply to some contacts who may also require microbiological clearance. Please consult your local PHE centre for further advice
CryptosporidiosisExclude for 48 hours from the last episode of diarrhoeaExclusion from swimming is advisable for two weeks after the diarrhoea has settled
Infection or complaintRecommended period to be kept away from school, nursery orchild mindersComments
ConjunctivitisNonef an outbreak/cluster occurs, consult your local PHE centre
Diphtheria*Exclusion is essential. Always consult with your local HPTFamily contacts must be excluded until cleared to return by your local PHE centre. Preventable by vaccination. Your local PHE centre will organise any contact tracingnecessary
Glandular feverNone
Head liceNoneTreatment is recommended only in cases where live lice have been seen
Hepatitis A*Exclude until seven days after onset of jaundice(or seven days after symptom onset if nojaundice)In an outbreak of hepatitis A, your local PHE centre will advise on control measures
Infection or complaintRecommended period to be kept away from school, nursery or child mindersComments
Flu (influenza)Until recoveredSee: Vulnerable Children
Tuberculosis*Always consult your local PHE centreRequires prolonged close contact for spread
Whooping cough* (pertussis)Five days from starting antibiotic treatment, or21 days from onset ofillness if no antibiotic treatmentPreventable by vaccination. After treatment, non-infectious coughing may continue for many weeks. Your local PHE centre will organise any contact tracing necessary
Hepatitis B*, C*, HIV/AIDSNoneHepatitis B and C and HIV are bloodborne viruses that are not infectious through casual contact. For cleaning of body fluid spills see:Good Hygiene Practice
Meningococcal meningitis*/ septicaemia*Until recoveredMeningitis C is preventable by vaccination There is no reason to exclude siblings or other close contacts of a case. In case of an outbreak, it may be necessary to provide antibiotics with or without meningococcal vaccination to close school contacts. Your local PHE centre will advise on any action isneeded
Meningitis* due to other bacteriaUntil recoveredHib and pneumococcal meningitis are preventable by vaccination. There is no reason to exclude siblings or other close contacts of a case. Your local PHE centre willgive advice on any action needed
Meningitis viralNoneMilder illness. There is no reason to exclude siblings and other close contacts of a case. Contact tracing is not required
MRSANoneGood hygiene, in particular handwashing and environmental cleaning, are important to minimise any danger of spread. If further information is required, contact your localPHE centre
MumpsExclude child for five days after onset of swellingPreventable by vaccination (MMR x2 doses)
ThreadwormsNoneTreatment is recommended for the child and household contacts
TonsillitisNoneThere are many causes, but most cases are due to viruses and do not need an antibiotic

This Table was taken from Public Health England’s Website.

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