Year 5

Hello, Year 5! 

Happy New Academic year everyone and welcome to Year 5. We thought it would also be useful to provide parents and carers with some practical information.


P.E. will be on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday mornings; however, it is still important that the children have P.E. kit in school every day so that we can take opportunities for additional activities if and when they arise.

Creative Curriculum

The half term we will be delving into the past and studying The Tudors. We will be exploring how The Tudors came into power, studying the famous Henry VIII, his six wives, his great matter and finally the legacy he left behind, of Queen Elizabeth. Let’s hope we are successful, or it’ll be, “Off with our heads!”. 


Homework will be set every Friday. This will consist of an activity on My Maths & Purple Mash, children will have their logins for these in their planners. Spelling will be uploaded onto our year group page on the school website and the expectation is that children will read and record their reading every day at home in their planners. Planners will be checked every Monday morning.

We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding Year 5 with your children, and hope that they are looking forward to it too!

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Weekly Remote Learning tasks – WC 11.01.21

Weekly Writing Tasks

Non-fiction writing – Newspaper Report

  1. To identify features of a newspaper report

  1. To develop an understanding of using higher vocabulary.

  1. To gather information and evidence for a newspaper report

  1. To practice and apply the knowledge of compound words

  1. To generate formal, journalistic vocabulary

Grammar Tasks

Most grammar activities are linked in with the writing activities in Oak Academy.

 What is a conjunction?

Weekly Maths Tasks

This week after each Oak National Academy lesson, there is a follow up My Maths session for you all.


      1. To  extend our knowledge of factors and multiple chains.

      1a. MY MATHS – Highest common factor.

      1. To multiply and divide by 10,100,1000.

      2a. MY MATHS- Multiplying by 10 & 100. Dividing by 10 & 100.

      1. To use strategies to double and half.

      3a. MY MATHS Doubling and halving.

      1. To use mental strategies

      4a. MY MATHS – Mental multiplication

      1. To use calculations with confidence.

      5a. MY MATHS – Mental division.

    Weekly SpellingTasks



    Purple Mash

    Challenge 1. Practice the spelling provided below.

    Weekly Reading Tasks

    Serial Mash

    Complete the 2Dos set on Serial Mash

    Text: The Night the Diamonds Fell

    Chapter Four

    1. Read Chapter four and complete the quiz
    2. Complete ‘Radio Broadcast’ activity linked to chapter four.

    Chapter Five

    1. Read Chapter Five and complete the quiz
    2. Complete ‘Instructions for building and alien repelling machine’ activity linked to chapter five.

    Chapter Six

    1. Read Chapter Six and complete the quiz
    2. Complete the ‘Blog page’ activity linked to chapter six

    Chapter Seven

    1. Read Chapter Seven and complete the quiz
    2. Book review task.
    Other Learning Activities



    To know the order of the planets in our Solar System.

    Use the powerpoint to help you create a diagram of the order of the planets. Watch the videos on the powerpoint which will show you how far away from each other the planets are and how they orbit the sun. Powerpoint here


    To retell a parable.

    Choose one of the parables from the lesson last week and create a comic strip to retell the story. POWERPOINT HERE


    To create a positive thinking cap

    Using the template, design a cool cap with colourful messages about positive thinking.

    You can do bubble writing, graffiti-style writing, symbols and illustrations. Just remember to keep it positive!

    Template here  POWERPOINT HERE


    Click here to download this weeks computing PowerPoint. (Please ignore my mistake on the first slide saying Years 3& 4)



    To use Tone.

    Watch the powerpoint and create your first master piece. I wonder if anyone will be the winner of the next Turner prize.

    Template here  POWERPOINT HERE

    Story time: Listen to Mrs Bell read our wonderful class novel: Skellig.  

    Year 5 Blog

    Monday 11th January

    Monday 11th January

    Happy Monday and welcome to week 2 of the spring term. This week, you will see each maths lesson has a My Maths activity linked to it and each PowerPoint has a narration from either myself or Miss Appleby, so it will be like we are in the room with you. Mrs Bell has...

    Happy New Year! 5.1.21

    Happy New Year! 5.1.21

    5.1.21 Happy New Year! This is not exactly how we thought the Spring term would begin, but don't worry, the Year 5 team have created a wonderful set of weekly remote tasks, for you to complete. These tasks range from reading and completing online quizzes to...

    Christmas Song ‘Riding out across the desert’ 🎅🐪

    Christmas Song ‘Riding out across the desert’ 🎅🐪

    Good Morning, As part of our Christmas celebrations within the school, each year group is rehearsing a song which will be performed in a filmed version of our receptions Nativity this year. We would love if you can rehearse this at home! Below are the lyrics and...

    Useful Links

    Purple Mash All subjects
    My Maths Maths
    Espresso All subjects
    Oxford Owl All subjects
    Twinkl All subjects
    E-books All subjects
    Times Table Rock Stars Maths
    Audio books English
    The Maths Factor Maths
    Literacy Trust English
    David Walliams Audio books English
    Chester Zoo All Subjects
    NASA Science
    White Rose Maths Maths

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