Year 5

Hello, Year 5! 

We hope that you are all well and keeping safe.

While we cannot all be together in the classroom, the Year 5 team have set you some fantastic work to be getting on with at home or at school for those of you who will be in.  All of this can be found further down this page.  We would love to see some of your fantastic home learning using our dropbox on this page.

Our Year 5 blog will also be updated regularly, while school is closed. This can be accessed by clicking the ‘Year 5 blog’ link below.

You have all be amazing so far this year Year 5, keep up your brilliant efforts. You can contact The Year 5 Team on the emails address below.

E-mails will be responded to during school working hours.

Keep smiling and stay safe!

The Year 5 Team


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Weekly Homework – WC

Maths Tasks

BBC Radio 4 - Woman's Hour - Maths anxiety: How can parents help their  children?

This weeks focus is – Estimating Angles.

Log in to Purple Mash to see the activities set by your child’s teacher.


English Tasks

Bolsover Church of England Junior School - English

Grammar Challenge.

Challenge – complete the task on Purple Mash – Click here.

Focus: The grammatical difference between plural and possessive – s



Help Your Kid Ace The Next Spelling Test

Suffix or word ending ‘ent’

The word endings ‘ent’ and ‘ant’ can sound the same and are often confused.

These words all end with ‘ent’ and follow the rules given below.

  • A suffix is a letter or letters added to the end of a word to make another word.
  • Syllables are the beats in a word: do (1 beat), do-ing (2 beats), un-do-ing (3 beats).
  • Every syllable must have a vowel or a ‘y’: un-doi
  • The letter ‘c’ can be hard (cat) or soft (cell). The letter ‘g’ can be hard (get) or soft (gent).


(list 5:4)

Practise 1

(copy into space)

Practise 2

(fold and hide)

Can spell word

(check and correct)

Spelling tip:

If the suffix follows a soft ‘c’ or ‘g’ or a ‘qu’ it is ‘ent’.






















Spelling tip:

Words with the syllables ‘cid, fid, sid, vid’ before the ending the suffix is ‘ent’.






















Spelling tip:

If the word ends with the suffix ‘ment’ it is always spelt ‘ent’.





















Reading Task

Reading Programmes: the art of reading for the OED | Oxford English  Dictionary

The expectation in Year 5 for all children is to read every night. Remember to sign your planner after each read.

Who can make 50 reads first?


Year 5 Blog

Monday 1st March

Monday 1st March

Good Morning Year 5, We hope you have had a lovely weekend enjoying the great weather. We have one more week to go before we will be all together again. This week is a little special as it is World Book day on Thursday and we have created some fun activities for you...

Thursday 25th February

Thursday 25th February

Good Morning, We hope you are having a nice week so far and have enjoyed your first Wellbeing Wednesday activity. For today's zoom catch up we would like you to bring your Mood boards that you created yesterday to share with everybody. It will lovely to see them. Mrs...

Monday 22nd February

Monday 22nd February

Good Morning Year 5, Welcome back and we hope you have all had a lovely half term week. As you can see on our page we have some wonderful new learning for you all to begin this half term. Our science topic looks at living things and the first lesson tells you all...

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