The Aims of Acklam Whin Primary

Mission Statement

Acklam Whin Primary School identifies five key principles on which its aims and objectives are based. These five principles are:

  • Care, support and opportunity in our children’s lives and learning.
  • High expectations leading to high achievement
  • Securing inclusion for all our children.
  • Developing learning teams and learning together
  • Sustaining and building on high standards through working in partnership with our stakeholders.

We endeavour to develop the fullest potential of all the children in our care.

The school aims to achieve this through:

  • Establishing an effective climate and environment for children’s learning and social development.
  • Teaching the skills and pleasures of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • Developing the skills to use and appreciate mathematics and science.
  • Creating opportunities for children to experience: the arts, their heritage and different cultures, places and times, and, develop their awareness of the increasingly technological world in which they live.
  • Teaching and developing an appreciation of the children’s social relationships and their responsibilities.
  • Setting high expectations of effort, achievement and behaviour.
  • Supporting and celebrating each child’s achievement where we can.

Our Home-School Partnership Agreement builds upon these key principles.

“… always a chance for everyone”

“… preparing our children for their future”

– Acklam Whin Primary

Our free communication app allows us to provide parents with instant access to our important messages and up to date school information. Please contact the school office if you have not received your personal invite.