Weekly Remote Learning tasks – WC 11.01.21

Weekly Writing Tasks




Focus: Narrative writing – The BFG

For our English this week, we are continuing to work on Roald Dahl’s BFG. 

Lesson 1

To develop an understanding of vocabulary



Lesson 2

To generate vocabulary for describing characters.



Lesson 3

To analyse the opening scene of The BFG.



Lesson 4

To write the first part of the opening.



Lesson 5

To continue writing the first part of the opening.




Complete the 2Do set on Purple Mash

Frank’s Clever Window



Weekly Maths Tasks



Focus: Multiplication and Division

This half-term, we are continuing to work on calculating, recalling and representing multiplication facts.

Click on the link to head to the correct lesson.

Lesson 1

To represent times tables using bar models



Lesson 2

To understand inverse operations



Lesson 3

To use the inverse to find missing numbers


Lesson 4

To recall multiplication and division facts



Lesson 5

To use factors and products to solve division problems



Extension tasks:

Purple Mash- 2Do set 3x Table

Purple Mash- 2Do set 4 & 8x Table


Times Table Rockstars

Weekly Reading Tasks

Serial Mash on Purple Mash


Complete the 2Dos set on Serial Mash for the story, Henry the Elephant.


Make sure you have completed last week’s tasks before moving on to Chapter 3, so that the story makes sense.


Chapter 3:


  1. Read Chapter 3.
  2. Complete the on-line quiz.
  3. Next, write what the next part of the story could be.




Chapter 4:- You may choose to spread this across 2 days


  1. Read Chapter 4.
  2. Complete the on-line quiz.


You may find it helpful to read Chapter 4 again before attempting the third task.


  1. Finally, have a go at writing the argument. In the top speech bubble, think about why the animals do not agree with the loggers and how they are feeling. In the bottom speech bubble, think about why the loggers want to do what they are doing and their feelings.




Chapter 5:- Again, you may choose to work on your third task over 2 days.


  1. Read Chapter 5.
  2. Complete the on-line quiz.
  3. Finally, write a fabulous book review based on the whole story. Remember, you can re-read book chapters if you need to, to make your review as detailed as possible.


Weekly Spelling Tasks

This week’s spellings: we are continuing to revise our common exception words.

  1. with
  2. like
  3. were
  4. school
  5. friend
  6. saw
  7. beautiful
  8. could
  9. everybody
  10. should
  11. climb
  12. clothes


Practise and learn this week’s spellings. Try out some of these activities to help you learn them:

  • Write the spellings out in colourful, fancy or bubble letters
  • Create a silly sentence with a spelling word in it
  • Write out your spelling words in alphabetical order
  • Write them out backwards and forwards


Once you have practised your spellings and feel confident, then try the quiz on Purple Mash. Remember: this should be the last activity that you do after you have practised and learnt these key words.


Purple Mash: Common Exception Words Quiz 4

Other Learning Activities


We would like to continue working on our healthy eating topic this week.

Task 1

Imagine that you are a top chef opening up a brand new healthy restaurant.

This restaurant need to serve tasty, healthy meals that have a good balance between the food groups that you looked at last week.

There are two activity choices for this task:

Design a plate of healthy food (Be sure to make sure that they are foods that people would like to eat together. I don’t think strawberries would work well with Spaghetti Bolognese!)


Write a menu for a 3-course meal (Starter, Main Course and Dessert), ensuring there is a healthy balance.

Task 2

Choose a piece of fruit or a vegetable to sketch. If you do not have one, choose another type of food.

Watch this video to refresh your memory of the sketching techniques we have worked on. There are also some top tips especially for drawing fruit!

Remember- light pressure and soft strokes.

Have a go at sketching what you have chosen; think back to the shading work we have done in school and look carefully at parts of your food that are light or dark. You may choose to add colour using coloured pencil.

Task 3

Have a look at the PowerPoint all about fruit artist, Guiseppe Archimboldo. Have you seen any of his paintings before? Have you seen some that are similar?

Using fruit and vegetables (or any food items you have), create your own fruit face picture.

You may want to physically make your face on a table and then take a picture or you may choose to have a go at drawing it- the choice is yours!

Remember to take your time with your artwork. We can’t wait to see some of your masterpieces!

Task 3

PE – Complete Joe Wicks’ live P.E workouts, available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9am! Head to http://m.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1


Click here to download this weeks computing PowerPoint.