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Weekly Remote Learning tasks – WC 11.01.21

Weekly English Tasks
Weekly Maths Tasks

Maths Remote Learning Activities

Focus – Multiplication and Division.

  1. To multiply a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number

  1. Multiplying 3 digit number by 1 digit  

  1. Multiplying 3 digit numbers by 1 digit  

  1. Problem Solving choosing operations  

  1. Dividing using knowledge of multiples  

Remember: Timetable Rock stars keep those skills sharp.


Weekly Reading Tasks

Reading Remote Learning Activities


Serial Mash

Continuing with Chapter 2 of Bigfoot Adventure.

Complete these activities, which are in your 2do list.

  1. Chapter 2 quiz
  2. Expanded noun phrase sentences about Bigfoot.

Remember: Personal reading

Weekly Spelling Tasks

Spelling Remote Learning Activities

This week’s spellings: we are continuing to revise our Year 3 & 4 common exception words.

  1. calendar
  2. caught
  3. centre
  4. century
  5. certain
  6. circle
  7. complete
  8. consider
  9. continue
  10. decide
  11. different
  12. difficult
  13. disappear

Complete these online games to help your practice your spellings.


Once you are confident with your spellings complete

Purple Mash 2do: Year 3 & 4 Spelling quiz.

Other Learning Activities

  1. Geography. Look at the map of the UK. Can you identify where the UK mountains are? Where are the highest areas of ground in the UK? Which countries of the UK are these located in? Where do you think the highest peak in the UK might be located? Choose a mountain and create a fact file about it.

  1.  RE. Lesson 2. Watch the power point and create your own board game to show the path to Nirvana for Buddhists.


  1. PE – Complete Joe Wickes PE Workout 2


  1. French Using the list of animals an the descriptions, come up with your own sentences to describe the animals for example; Le Lion est feroce.

 Try to come up with as many as you can

  1. Art- Use the following description and draw the animal you think is being described. It could be a mythical creature.


‘… described as having white shaggy fur and a lean muscular body like an ape. This “creature” could also live in the Asian mountains near the Himalayan snow line.’


Click here to download this weeks computing PowerPoint.  (Please ignore my mistake on the first slide saying Years 3& 4)