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Weekly Remote Learning tasks – WC 11.01.21

Weekly Writing Tasks

Non-fiction writing – Newspaper Report

  1. To identify features of a newspaper report

  1. To develop an understanding of using higher vocabulary.

  1. To gather information and evidence for a newspaper report

  1. To practice and apply the knowledge of compound words

  1. To generate formal, journalistic vocabulary

Grammar Tasks

Most grammar activities are linked in with the writing activities in Oak Academy.

 What is a conjunction?

Weekly Maths Tasks

This week after each Oak National Academy lesson, there is a follow up My Maths session for you all.


      1. To  extend our knowledge of factors and multiple chains.

      1a. MY MATHS – Highest common factor.

      1. To multiply and divide by 10,100,1000.

      2a. MY MATHS- Multiplying by 10 & 100. Dividing by 10 & 100.

      1. To use strategies to double and half.

      3a. MY MATHS Doubling and halving.

      1. To use mental strategies

      4a. MY MATHS – Mental multiplication

      1. To use calculations with confidence.

      5a. MY MATHS – Mental division.

    Weekly SpellingTasks



    Purple Mash

    Challenge 1. Practice the spelling provided below.

    Weekly Reading Tasks

    Serial Mash

    Complete the 2Dos set on Serial Mash

    Text: The Night the Diamonds Fell

    Chapter Four

    1. Read Chapter four and complete the quiz
    2. Complete ‘Radio Broadcast’ activity linked to chapter four.

    Chapter Five

    1. Read Chapter Five and complete the quiz
    2. Complete ‘Instructions for building and alien repelling machine’ activity linked to chapter five.

    Chapter Six

    1. Read Chapter Six and complete the quiz
    2. Complete the ‘Blog page’ activity linked to chapter six

    Chapter Seven

    1. Read Chapter Seven and complete the quiz
    2. Book review task.
    Other Learning Activities



    To know the order of the planets in our Solar System.

    Use the powerpoint to help you create a diagram of the order of the planets. Watch the videos on the powerpoint which will show you how far away from each other the planets are and how they orbit the sun. Powerpoint here


    To retell a parable.

    Choose one of the parables from the lesson last week and create a comic strip to retell the story. POWERPOINT HERE


    To create a positive thinking cap

    Using the template, design a cool cap with colourful messages about positive thinking.

    You can do bubble writing, graffiti-style writing, symbols and illustrations. Just remember to keep it positive!

    Template here  POWERPOINT HERE


    Click here to download this weeks computing PowerPoint. (Please ignore my mistake on the first slide saying Years 3& 4)



    To use Tone.

    Watch the powerpoint and create your first master piece. I wonder if anyone will be the winner of the next Turner prize.

    Template here  POWERPOINT HERE

    Story time: Listen to Mrs Bell read our wonderful class novel: Skellig.